Commercial Roofing

Whether you’re managing an apartment building or operating a busy restaurant, a retail storefront, an office building, we can install and/or repair your roof.  We also handle projects that include new construction and re-roofing, and can provide you with routine and contracted roof maintenance.


At Charles Johnson Roofing, we understand that installing a commercial roofing system can be a large project and investment, we will work together with business owners to help them find the best possible roofing solutions.


Not only do we provide an excellent up-front value, but we can save businesses money over time with a proper roofing installation and with high quality roofing products.


We offer many roofing options.   Our quality roofs will protects your business assets year-after-year and increase your property value.


Commercial Roofing Systems:


Built Up System 

Modified Bitumen

Reflective Roof Coatings 


Let us protect your business with a high-quality roof.


Please call us today at 310-817-4956 to discuss your roofing needs and how we can provide excellent long-term value for your business.